Library Card

Who may apply for a library card?

Residents or property owners in Reynolds County.

When applying for a library card, the applicant is applying for the right to use the library. The applicant must agree to comply with all rules and pay for any dues charged. The applicant agrees to notify the library of an address change. 

A parent or guardian’s signature is required on the library card application for library user under the age of 16. The parent or guardian thereby assumes responsibility for any library material lost or damaged. Library patrons 16 or older applying for a library card assumes such responsibility on their own signature. 

The applicant must provide a current photo ID or driver license, and residency or ownership of property in Reynolds County. The most common types of proof are voter’s registration card, tax receipt, or utility bill, but other proof is acceptable. 

The application must include complete, accurate, and current mailing address and phone number.