About Us

History of Our Library

Reynolds County Library was first established in 1949. In July 1968, Reynolds County Library joined Carter and Ripley County becoming a Tri-County Library. After 19 years in the Tri-County system, Reynolds County branched out on their own and became the Reynolds County Library District.

The Reynolds County Library District is a tax supported public library. The district’s five member board is appointed by the Reynolds County Commissioners.



The Reynolds County Library District proposes to provide the opportunity and encouragement for all individuals and groups to educate themselves continuously. 

By providing:

  1. All the libraries with good reference collection.
  2. Five conveniently located branches.
  3. Materials and information to all citizens of this area. The Library will provide books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and audio books, The Library will also provide public access to computers, computer networks, and the internet. The library will promote and encourage the maximum use of these materials and services to all citizens of the Reynolds County area. 
  4. Well trained personnel to assist the public. 

Board of Trustees

  • President:  Doug Fitzgerald
  • Vice-President: Nancy Roberts
  • Secretary: Mary Lou McNail
  • Treasurer: Ron Cook
  • Board Member: Connie Stevens 

Message from the Board President

On the behalf of the Trustees and the staff of the Reynolds County Library District, I welcome you to the Reynolds County Library District website. 

Library Board Members work with our Library Director to develop the best services for our community. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. 

This website includes information about our libraries, as well as other resourceful information, please feel free to browse our website. 

There is something at our libraries for everyone. 

Which include but not limited to: audio books, children’s, young adult, and adult fiction, children’s story time, magazines, newspapers, and computers with internet access.

The Trustees are proud that we can offer this website.

Thank you for visiting our website and we invite you to visit any of our Library Branches.


Doug Fitzgerald 
Board President